Learn Muscle Pattern RE-Organization Approved for 15 CEU's


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 It’s not just about strength.  It’s about proper muscle pattern organization.  

For optimal spinal movement the muscles must have sufficient strength and endurance to satisfy the demands of segmental spinal motor control. But the efficiency and efficacy of our muscle system is dependent on its controller, the central nervous system (CNS).  Total Spinal Fitness™ has identified fundamental innate movement patterns that are key to restoring optimal segmental motor control of the spine as well as restoration of optimal lumbopelvic rhythm.  These movements are controlled by the CNS using a small set of basic activation patterns which are shared by synergistic muscles to reflect global kinematic and kinetic changes restoring and optimizing spinal mobility.

  • You will learn to incorporate fundamental innate movements integrating sequential techniques that facilitate and optimize central nervous system input leading to optimal segmental motor control. 
  • You will learn the importance of facilitating patient proprioceptive self-awareness.
  • You will learn effective techniques integrating  proprioceptive specific postural corrective strategies utilizing strategic small subsets of movements to affect global changes in posture and body mechanics. 
  • You will learn to incorporate effective techniques to facilitate improved spinal disc health and joint health.
  • You will learn how the Autonomic Nervous System affects optimal muscle pattern organization and how to address these affects. ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Put this all together and we believe you will have the skills, strategies, and techniques to provide the most comprehensive spinal rehab program in our field today.​