THe total spinal fitness program

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Relieve - rebuild - Restore



Pain relief is typically the main reason patients seek out our services.  Starting with our specialized hands on treatments we will  help to decrease pain by the eliminating underlying muscle imbalances.  Followed by education in simple techniques to maintain muscle and postural balance we provide a strong foundation for rebuilding your core.  

The Total Spinal Fitness  System is   the only active  exercise/treatment system  that unloads  the spine, counteracting the daily compression forces of prolonged sitting, bending, and lifting,  also helping to relieve pain.  Exercising through pain or the "no pain no gain" philosophy is a recipe for disaster.  Pain significantly inhibits proper coordinated muscle activity, so exercising through pain may make you stronger but you will be building  "unbalanced  strength"  which will fail to provide you with effective spinal stability.     



The importance of core strengthening to promote a healthy back is well recognized in physical therapy as well as in the fitness industry.  But, are the common core exercises being taught actually strengthening our true core?  Our device is the only core training device that provides isolated resistance training to  the true deep core musculature first then progressing to the larger outer core muscles, all while in a safe unloaded position.  


Our system is designed to restore the health of the spine by getting to the cause, not by  simply treating the symptoms. Most spinal dysfunctions take many years sometimes decades to develop. Restoring the health of the spine is a slow process and it can take up to a year for complete repair and remodeling of injured or damaged tissue.    Our Total Spinal Fitness System is the only specialized clinical back system that goes home with  patient.   It's easy to use and provides a safe and effective continuum of care, allowing for restoration of spinal health without ongoing and many times expensive in clinic treatments. Our goal is to help our patients  restore their active lifestyle and to enjoy the activities they love for years to come.