“I played over 10 years in the NFL and got pretty banged up.  The Total Spinal Fitness program has been great for me and has significantly helped relieve my back pain as well as improve my ability to play golf and enjoy my fitness routine” 

John Bunting    Former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and former head football coach at UNC Chapel Hill.

success stories. you could Be next!


About You:


  • Your back pain is negatively impacting your daily life.
  • You have restricted back movements preventing you enjoying the activities you love
  • You prefer to eliminate the use of drugs to mask the pain. 
  •  You want to eliminate the need to continually pay for treatments that have not helped or only give temporary relief.

Your Desire:
Find a cost effective  solution that is tailored to your specific needs that provides long term spinal health. 


About Us:


  • Developed by a Physical Therapist with 25-years of success in managing back pain and dysfunction.  
  • We get to the core cause of your pain and dysfunction.
  • We have the only system that promotes long term disc health, joint health, and muscle health utilizing simple  movements that can be performed with the spine unloaded.
  • Our system is highly personalized and tailored to your specific spinal dysfunction.
  • Our system is the most cost effective solution you will find to treat your spinal pain and dysfunction. 


Our Desire: 

To Put You in Control.

Our system has the only clinically based system that goes home with you.  

 Our system is the only system that teaches you to continue to self-treat and self-heal using the same principles and techniques highly trained spinal specialists use. 

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