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We are confident the Total Spinal Fitness System will complement your current treatment approach.  We currently have clinics in 7 states utilizing our system and we would like to invite clinical specialists in spinal care to join our team.  

Whether you maintain an insurance-based reimbursement system, a cash-based reimbursement system, or have a combination our program will help  increase referrals,  improve  outcomes, and provide you back patients with a new and innovative approach to achieving long term spinal health .  

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  Learn Muscle Pattern Re-Organization.  Our Functional Muscle Therapy Seminar is approved for 15 CEU's

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For Clinical Affiliates

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                  Our Clinical Affiliate in Tennessee

“I can’t say enough positive things about Brian and his device.  I have used it in the clinic for about 6 months now and it complements my manual therapy background.  I love being able to exercise a patient, utilize the foam blocks/bolsters to simulate manual techniques and do all this under a measured distraction force to the spine.  These things coupled with the fact that the device’s footprint is small, it is easy to use, and it has a home treatment option make it an easy addition to any clinic setting treating the spine.  I have achieved some really great results for my patients and Brian is always coming up with new ideas such as using wedges to de-rotate the scoliotic spine prior to going through the protocol on the TSF device.  I highly recommend you consider using this device in your practice. “


Wes Franks PT, MS, OCS, MTC
Owner, Provision Physical Therapy


Our Clinical Affiliate in Texas


“I have had the fortune of being privileged to the best techniques, tools and systems in the sports and orthopedic rehab world over the past 20 years. “Game Changer” is a phrase that can be over-utilized, but I do feel this perfectly describes the Total Spinal Fitness system. Brian has used his learned clinical knowledge and skill to help fill a void and streamline a program that is predicable, repeatable and results driven. It is my pleasure to incorporate TSF with my patients and athletes and love the outcomes I have observed. As a clinician, TSF is based on solid principles of exercise-based treatment to low back pain. As one who has personally experienced low back pain, TSF results feel as good as they sound.” 

                                                         Cullen Nigrini PT AT SCS OCS

                                                          Owner, Austin Physical Therapy