Developed by Brian McKeever, MPT, ATC, CEAS, Cert. DN

Brian developed the Total Spinal Fitness  System based on his own clinical research, clinically established protocols, and decades of successful clinical application. As a certified preferred provider of continuing education Brian has traveled the country teaching his evidence-based treatment protocols and has successfully implemented his strategies with fortune 500 companies including the Intel Corporation.  Brian has presented his treatment approach at statewide Physical Therapy Association Conferences and was chosen to provide physical therapy services at  one of golf’s most prestigious events, the 2014 US Open at Pinehurst.

Brian has treated thousands of back and neck injuries and performed tens of thousands of individual treatments . He has studied almost all aspects of spinal care including; McKenzie, Maitland, Paris, Kaltenborn, specialized myo-fascial release techniques, specialized manual therapy techniques, advanced corrective exercise techniques, tool assisted manual therapy, dry needling, traction, and decompression. Although some more than others, he has found all the techniques listed above to demonstrate results. But to be most effective, Brian has found there are three key treatment principles that can’t be avoided if we are to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy spine. 

Facilitate Healthy Lumbar Discs.  The health of your spine is directly related to the health of your spinal discs. Through poor postures, prolonged sitting, bending, and lifting our spinal discs are continually subject to excessive loading forces.  Prolonged loading forces will lead to degeneration of our spinal discs. Our spines were designed to handle loading forces as long as these loading forces are coupled with frequent unloading forces. It is during these unloading movements that fluids are drawn back into the discs maintaining their hydration and nutrition. The Total Spinal Fitness  System is the only device that allows for natural spinal movements to be performed in the unloaded position enabling the discs to imbibe the fluids needed to maintain their structure and function. 

Optimize Active Segmental Spinal Mobility: When segmental mobility is restricted some segments move too much and some move too little. This leads to dysfunction, increased wear and tear, further degeneration of the discs, and joint degeneration.  Restoring segmental spinal movement will ensure our joints and surrounding soft tissues remain nourished and will keep them healthy and resilient. The Total Spinal Fitness System  provides improved segmental spinal movement in a safe and effective position and is the only device that specifically targets the deep core muscles in order to maintain optimal segmental spinal biomechanics.

Improve Postural Awareness:  There is no getting away from it. We are living in a modern computer environment where prolonged sitting in now the norm. If we do not address the  postures and  the movements  that cause damage to the spine we are wasting our time as well as our patients time.   The Total Spinal Fitness System integrates comprehensive postural assessments to address all regions of the body that will affect spinal function. We make it easy for the patients, we effectively utilize specific postural corrective strategies using small subsets of movements to affect global changes in posture and body mechanics leading to improved spinal motor control. 

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